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Plastic packaging made up 40% of the over 350 million tons of global plastic waste generated in 2019 (OECD, 2022) and recycling rates are consistently lower than 15%. But paper has a consistently high recycling rate – over 80% for paper and paperboard packaging in the united states (US EPA, 2018) – and biodegrades in landfills or if accidentally littered. Read or download this resource.
Numerous sustainable materials have emerged as viable alternatives to plastic packaging, which protect products equally well in transit. While paper is the most commonly used, other bio-based alternatives exist, each with unique qualities and strengths that help replace various types of plastic packaging. Read or download this resource.
A 2021 analysis performed by McKinsey & Co compared the greenhouse gas emissions and the recycling rates of several different products within two categories: beverage containers and food service cups. Read or download this resource.

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