How We Advocate For Sustainable Packaging

Learn what the Pack Green Coalition stands for.

We promote how paper and other sustainable materials can be used as a substitute for plastic without requiring significant operational adjustments within supply chains. By these efforts, we advance the adoption of this eco-friendly and commonsense solution as part of the transition to a circular economy.


We provide members with the tools they need to tell their sustainability stories. Through our learning opportunities and resources, members can better communicate the imperative of replacing harmful plastic within the global supply chain to their external and internal stakeholders.​


Our research focuses on the comparative sustainability of different materials used in packaging. We aim to develop a unified rating system that integrates various criteria into a single digestible score that businesses and consumers can refer to when choosing among packaging alternatives. In addition, we plan to commission long-form content and scientific studies that members can learn from and use as citations when developing their own content on the facts behind the global plastic crisis and the benefits of alternative packaging materials.

Legislative Efforts and Advocacy

Meaningful change can only be accomplished through coordinated action. The Pack Green Coalition promotes policy solutions based on our scholarship and research at the federal, state, and local levels.


 Our areas of focus:

  • Federal studies on recycling rates

  • Environmental impacts for various packaging substrates

  • Tax incentives for advancing sustainable alternatives in packaging

  • Government procurement

  • Truth in labeling

  • Levies and/or bans on harmful packaging

  • Extended Producer Responsibility programs