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We Are Drowning In Plastic Packaging.
There Is A Better Way.
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Our Mission

The mission of the Pack Green Coalition (PGC) is to replace unnecessary plastic currently in use within the packaging and food service supply chains with sustainable and environmentally-friendly paper alternatives.  Through advocacy, outreach and education, we’re able to advance and embrace meaningful change today that is critical for protecting our tomorrow.


PGC Fact Sheet: Paper Recyclability

Since the end of World War II, the global production of plastics has skyrocketed. Humans have found countless uses for plastics from textiles to medical equipment to electronic devices.


Plastics have undeniably revolutionized modern life and advanced our societies; however, serious environmental externalities are associated with plastic use.


A Critical Moment in the Plastic Pollution Crisis

  • Goods are being shipped at unprecedented volumes throughout the global economy.

  • Consumers are more cognizant of the impact their choices have on the environment.

  • Governments, eNGOs, international organizations, think tanks and more have all recognized that society must do better.

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Sustainable Packaging: Relevant Assessment Factors

A 2021 analysis performed by McKinsey & Co. compared the greenhouse gas emissions and the recycling rates of several different products within two categories: beverage containers and food service cups.

While straightforward answers may exist within one of the elements identified above for any given material/application combination, there may be conflicting or adverse results in another category. The key is to assess performance across all of the elements, evaluate the trade-offs, and make a decision that optimizes sustainability overall.

Our Work to Meet this Moment

We are dedicated to making the case for paper and other solutions over plastic in packaging, including protective and food service packaging.

Our work to meet that goal will include:


The Pack Green Coalition will communicate our core message of replacing unnecessary plastic from the packaging supply chain in favor of sustainable paper.  By developing and sharing resources, we can help support the movement to fight plastic pollution on a global scale.


PGC resources extend to the creation and development of a research clearinghouse and platform for collaboration on critical topics. Our research will include the establishment of life cycle assessment criteria to evaluate supply chains for sustainability, as well as the development of a program for certification for those who meet PGC standards.

Lobbying & Advocacy

PGC will serve as a unified lobbying front and go-to-resource for legislatures and policymakers. We will help to advance meaningful legislative change through our research and communication efforts, shining a light on the drastic nature of the plastic crisis, as well as the commonsense solution represented by the adoption of paper as an alternative material for packaging.

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